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Key Aspects of the Program

Promotional information is displayed on behalf of each member in an organized and attractive presentation book. This serves as a visual aid and guide, and allows us to easily ‘walk’ the client through the variety of member-services, discussing each one, and its relevance to their new or growing business (or to their personal needs, and those of their staff).

Promotion of member-services is done based on your specific information. Notation of interest expressed is done so we may ‘report’ that to you. Such expressed interest or their questions are a natural cue to our suggestion that you will contact them with more information, answers, or for a quote. Of course, they are always encouraged to call (or come by) your business as well.

Each time an immediate or pending interest is identified on your behalf, we report that to you within a day or two, usually by email, to allow for your prompt follow-up and response.

Details of every visit are provided on a monthly report. These show Business name, Owner(s) or Manager(s) presented to, their Address, Phone, Email ,and Comments on needs, and their status.

An attractive and retainable Directory of member-services is left with the visited business. Also, promotional pieces, coupons, brochures, even gifty items provided by the members for which they expressed interest, is left with that business. The Directory and materials are gone over carefully with them at the conclusion of the visit, to reiterate promotional points and confirm their reception to a follow-up contact by those members whom they expressed interest.

We visit about 93 businesses a month in our Colorado community programs – Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Boulder and East Boulder County ( Louisville/Lafayette/NW Broomfield areas).

Your “Business Welcomes” program will average 35-40 member-services in each area, and each member is assured of an “exclusive” for their category of service. We only offer membership to such firms that are established, competitive, and have a “local” image and sound reputation.